At GDM Legal, we know how stressful selling property can be. If you’re selling your family home, not only are you dealing with the logistics of packing and moving, you may also be trying to settle into a brand new suburb (or even city). Plus, with every type of property, there’s always the concern that you won’t find the right buyer at the right price. We’re committed to making selling property just that little bit easier by taking care of all the legal aspects of selling a house, so you can focus on the packing, moving and settling into your new home.

Steps to Selling a Property

These are the steps you should follow for selling property:

  1. Prepare your house for sale
  2. Choose a reliable agent
  3. Decide on the method for selling the home (private sale or auction)
  4. Set a reasonable price
  5. Create and review an agreement with your agent
  6. Prepare a Section 32 for your property
  7. Work with your agent to create an effective marketing campaign
  8. Secure the sale price you’re happy with
  9. Work through the settlement process with your lawyer or conveyancer
  10. Transfer the property title

How We Can Help with Selling Your Home

GDM offers a complete legal service for selling property, including:

  • An accurate, up-to-date Section 32 (sometimes known as a Vendor Statement) is essential when selling property. This statement must be produced before the house goes on the market as all prospective buyers need to be able to view it. This report needs to cover all the crucial things about the property, such as mortgage details, restrictions placed on the property (drainage, power lines, rights of way) and council zoning laws. If you don't get this step right, you may end up losing a sale, that's why we prepare it for you.
  • Settlement is a complicated legal process, involving multiple parties. So that you don't have to go through the stress and headache of reading contracts and liaising with all parties, we take care of it for you. We work with everyone from your mortgagee, to your real estate agent and the buyer to get the settlement process completed as quickly and smoothly as possible.

You can read through our guides on Section 32 statements, settlement and conveyancing costs below.

Why Choose GDM Legal?

GDM Legal was created with a simple aim: to take the stress out of selling your house. Choose GDM Legal because we:

  • Provide you with a lawyer who specialises in conveyancing and property law, ensuring you have a dedicated provider of counsel throughout the entire process.
  • Understand that time is always an issue when it comes to property sales. That’s why we work in a time-efficient manner. We ensure all the legal regulations have been taken care of, so you don’t miss out on your sale.
  • Have created a business model with low overheads so that we can deliver cost-effective conveyancing services.
  • Offer flexible contact hours because we know that selling property never runs on a strict schedule.

Contact us today to simplify selling property.