GDM Legal & Conveyancing was established with one goal in mind – to simplify the process of buying and selling a property, reducing your stress levels considerably.

GDM founder and principle lawyer, Gavin Martin specialises in one area of law: realty and conveyancing. This specialisation gives GDM an edge when it comes to providing legal counsel on buying and selling a property. Gavin is continuously researching property law to ensure his clients benefit from an approach that suits the current property climate.

Whenever you are selling or purchasing a property, you have to understand that you are entering into a legal contract. These contracts are complex and subject to property laws and regulations that are constantly changing. Without proper legal counsel, you could be placing your money and your assets in danger. Our conveyancing service clarifies the legal aspect of your sale or purchase, by ensuring that the contract and regulations like the Section 32 are in order.


GDM Legal Services

  • Selling a Property: work with you throughout the entire sale to ensure you end up with a legally-sound contract of sale that looks after your future.
  • Buying a Property: Buying a property is about so much more than just finding the right price, we make sure that everything is correct from a legal standpoint, so you enjoy the perfect start to your new home or investment.
  • Securing a Property: Securing a property extends far beyond just finding the capital you need to purchase the house. You need to make sure the investment is secure both for now and long into the future. That's where GDM comes in.


Why Choose GDM Legal?

As a committed property law legal firm, you couldn’t be in better hands if you are trying to sell, buy or secure a property. In addition to our expertise in property law, we also offer a superior customer-service model by:

  • Delivering an efficient service that takes into account how time-sensitive property sales and purchases are. You’ll never miss out on a sale or a good deal due to a lag on our behalf.
  • Creating a business model with low-overheads so we can provide cost-effective services to our clients and open up our expertise to as many people as possible.
  • Offering flexible contact hours, so our communication isn’t limited to a 9-5 basis. Purchasing and selling property rarely occurs during business hours, so we make sure we’re on hand for when you need us.

Contact us today for expert property advice and legal counsel.