Property Conveyancer Hawthorn

GDM Legal & Conveyancing advises on the processes of buying and selling homes through our specialised knowledge in property law. Based in Hawthorn, we provide services to veteran homeowners and first time buyers alike seeking properties across Melbourne. We ensure that our clients have the legal and financial edge to acquire some of the most desirable properties in the state.

Gavin Martin, founder and principal lawyer, is a realty law specialist. GDM benefits from this expert consultation by remaining at the vanguard of movements in the property market, as well as sound legal counsel on all aspects of property transactions. In a competitive market like Hawthorn’s, all advantages are necessary.

Many homeowners of all experience levels can be easily caught out by the complex legal trappings involved with acquiring and selling property. We step in to reduce the complexities of these legal processes – which are constantly being reviewed and updated – to give you the necessary understanding to get the best deal possible.

Importantly, property transactions constitute legal contracts, and entering into any of these agreements without legal counsel could significantly disadvantage your finances in the long term. The service we offer will aid in clarifying the legal dimensions of any transaction, to ensure that all parties are Section 32 compliant.

Our Legal Services

  • Selling a Property: We help to structure the process of selling a property to make sure that the transaction is legally sound and will endure long into the future.
  • Buying a Property: The legal aspects are just the fundamentals. Every client will have different expectations and we offer expert advice all other aspects of property transactions from pricing to location. We cover the basics so that you can focus on picking the best property for your needs.
  • Securing a Property: Property transactions need to be secured for the long term, and we ensure that your investment is airtight and safe. We can help you write a will, put a lease agreement in place or appoint a power of attorney.

Why Choose GDM Legal in Hawthorn?

Hawthorn conveyancing firm, GDM Legal is a well-established firm well acquainted with the intricacies of Melbourne’s property market. We know there’s more to counselling through a transaction with an specialised knowledge of property law, which is why we also offer:

  • An efficient service responsive to the needs of the client and changes in the property market. We work to be ahead of schedule to make sure you can find and secure those deals.
  • A cost effective and accessible service available to a wide range of clients. We operate through a streamlined, low-overhead model specifically to ensure that our services are there for anyone who needs crucial legal counsel.
  • Reliable communication outside of business hours. We know that not everything fits neatly into the 9 to 5, so we’re available to provide counsel whenever the need arises.

Contact us today for expert property advice and legal counsel.