Property Conveyancer Melbourne

GDM Legal & Conveyancing is here to help Melbourne’s residents to buy and sell homes through expert insight and an assured mastery of the property market. We help to break down the legal complexities of acquiring and selling property, for veteran homeowners and first time buyers alike.

GDM was founded with the intention to provide exceptional service in the area of realty law. Gavin Martin, founder and principal lawyer has ensured that the firm is always at the forefront of the Melbourne property climate to help clients realise their property dreams.

A conveyancer provides the necessary counsel to wade through the legal processes of owning and transferring property. This transaction forms a legal contract, and without the right advice and guidance, aspiring property owners can find themselves severely disadvantaged – especially in a competitive market like Melbourne’s. The service we offer will aid in clarifying the legal dimensions of any transaction, to ensure that all parties are Section 32 compliant.

Our Legal Services

  • Selling a Property: We can oversee and structure the entire sale process to ensure that all parties are entering a legally air-tight agreement.
  • Buying a Property: Beyond covering all the necessary legal matters, we understand that buying a home is a personal process. We help you find the right property for you, while ensuring you’re informed of your rights and obligations.
  • Securing a Property: We help you with all the other services you need to ensure that your property is secure, from creating a will and nominating a power of attorney to drafting lease agreements.

Why Choose GDM Legal?

GDM Legal is a well-established conveyancing firm that is well acquainted with the intricacies of Melbourne’s property market. Our specialisation in property law will ensure that you’re only engaging in legally sound, long-term investments. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on:

  • An unrivalled responsiveness and commitment to being efficient. Property is an inherently time-sensitive industry, and we work to be ahead of schedule to get you the best deals possible.
  • A cost effective and accessible service available to a wide range of clients. We operate through a streamlined, low-overhead model specifically to ensure that our services can be contracted by a range of budding homeowners.
  • Round the clock communication, meaning that we can provide advice, help and counsel outside business hours (when most property discussions take place).

Contact us today for expert property advice and legal counsel.