Conveyancing costs for buying a house

Buying a house to live in or as an investment is exciting. One cost of buying a house you need to think about is conveyancing costs. This refers to the legal documents needed for a smooth sale and transfer. If a detail is missed it could block you from snapping up your dream property.

We offer a professional fixed-rate package that covers the conveyancing costs involved in buying a house. We know buying property can be complex and stressful, which is why our single cost covers the conveyancing needed to relax and know your legal requirements are taken care of.

GDM Legal’s fixed-rate conveyancing fee of $770.00 (excluding information certificates passed on at cost) includes the complete range of buying house costs and services for a smooth conveyancing process. This will help you through your settlement easily so you can transfer your title with ease.

How much does a conveyancer cost when buying a house?

At GDM Legal & Conveyancing, the conveyancing costs are kept at a fixed rate so that there are no hidden surprises down the track.  Our fixed price conveyancing fee of $770.00 is for all of the professional services required to ensure the conveyancing process goes smoothly, including:

  • Reviewing of a Contract of Sale
  • Reviewing of a Section 32 Statement
  • Legal advice on any loan documentation
  • Reviewing of a Section 27 statement from the vendor for the early release of the deposit
  • Preparing and lodging a caveat on the purchased property
  • Preparation of the Transfer of Land form
  • Preparation of any documentation required to be submitted to the State Revenue Office (for stamp duty)
  • Preparation of the Statement of Adjustments
  • Liaising with your mortgage broker to ensure enough funds are available for settlement
  • Liaising with the vendor’s conveyancer to confirm the smooth transfer of title occurring at settlement
  • Attending settlement
  • All printing, photocopying and postage

What is not included in the fixed fee is the cost of any statutory certificates that are required to be obtained to verify the contents of the section 32 statement and to prepare the statement of adjustments so that you are only paying for what you are liable to pay.  Depending on your area these costs vary between $60-120 and they are passed straight on to you.  Where possible application for the certificates are made to the individual bodies directly to avoid surcharges that occur when using search companies to produce the certificates.

Why choose GDM Legal?

Here at GDM Legal, we pride ourselves on professional, fast and simple conveyancing. We take the stress out of buying a house, so you can relax knowing it’s taken care of:

  • We offer a convenient fixed-rate package to make conveyancing costs for buying a house easy. You won’t see any hidden fees or surprises with us. That’s the way we think it should be.
  • We are quick and efficient so you’re always ready to jump on the house you want. Time is important when buying property and we make sure you’re prepared.
  • Our low overheads mean we can provide a high-quality, specialist conveyancing service for a great rate. We offer the best service in Melbourne – don’t believe us? Try us.
  • Our team has flexible contact hours, so you can always feel comfortable picking up the phone at any time of the day. Put us on speed-dial so we’re always a button away.


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